Ames, IA
Indie Rock / Post Pop
The Poison Control Center is a musical group formed in Ames, IA many years ago. Throughout the ages they traveled far and wide and their acoustic forces grew. To prevent sonic strength which would disintegrate weaker humans, the band was broken into living parts which were distributed throughout the country. Now it is only on rare fortnight that the parts are brought whole to entertain. And only for that fortnight so that the influence that grows can be tamed. This is the story told in the tome of the Poison Control Center.

In the years of 2010 - 2011, The Poison Control Center released two critically acclaimed albums. The double LP Sad Sour Future and Stranger Ballet. The albums were praised on both Pitchfork and the AV Club and the band played over 300 tour dates those 2 years. But what the world has not known is that on Jan 1. 2010 they recorded another album unlike any other in their arsenal that they will release on July 6th 2018. There is strength in numbers and the ability to wait. But the wait is no more.
set details
Saturday, July 7
Time and stage TBA.