Des Moines / Cedar Falls, IA
Folk Rock
The Host Country was born while Ty Wistrand (guitar/vox) and Diana Weishaar (keys/vox) were both attending the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Starting as a duo, they officially began playing under the name 'The Host Country' in early 2011, releasing their first EP the same year (Sonic Factory Studios). 2014 brought the release of their first full length album 'Walk Away' (Midday Studios), and the addition of Tom Rue (bass) and Ethan Weishaar (drums). Their most recent 2017 self-titled release embraces the full band sound, and they are now a 5-piece with Michael Lovan on guitar. 

The Host Country’s genre experimentation puts them in a category of their own. Their music is a fusion of folk, rock, and blues; a mix of raw and vulnerable, all combined with hauntingly passionate chord shifts. Dual writing credits between Ty Wistrand & Diana Weishaar put forth versatile songs that are evocative, intimate, and full of soul. The group's musical storytelling and engaging live performances are not to be missed.
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Saturday, July 7
Time and stage TBA.