Des Moines, IA
Indie Rock / Art Pop
Ramona & The Sometimes is a creative lo-fi band led by Central Iowa native Ramona Muse Lambert. Their goal is to create music and art that empowers others to harness their own creativity. The original version of this band began when collaborator Leslie Hall billed “Ramona and the Swimsuits” to open a show in Minneapolis…and so that band was created. They spent a month and a half opening for Leslie and the Lys on tour in 2011. Later Ramona performed solo, but that quickly evolved into Ramona and the Slimdudes in 2014. Her brother Willy Muse (bass player for Widowspeak) wouldn’t get off her couch, so they formed a trio with her husband Derek Muse Lambert. Dearest Dave Larsen joined when Willy moved out... and she eventually collected more band members when she realized her keyboard playing, freshman roommate from college had moved back to Iowa and brought a shredding guitar player with her. Ramona says the key to successful music making is to always marry a drummer.
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Saturday, July 7
Time and stage TBA.